Global Sporting Advisors

Totally Unique in the Industry Today

The traditional approach to the sale of a sporting lodge or business and its accompanying assets and property has been to utilize a real estate agent and related marketing program. While this recognizes that the principal asset is in the nature of real estate, it fails to give value to two other important principal assets.

The first of these is established through the relative uniqueness of the sporting asset itself. Whether this is in the form of Atlantic salmon water, bonefish flats or a native quail plantation, these unique resources cannot be duplicated through any man made development effort and therefore warrant special valuation consideration as part of any sale effort. Secondly, many of these operations include an ongoing business as part of the assets that are for sale. Again, the valuation of going concerns is a specialized practice beyond the general skill set of the real estate agent and is more traditionally practiced by investment bankers and business brokers, giving valuation credit for issues such as brand name, market presence and cash flow generation potential. In addition, many Sporting Assets possess unique Natural Resource concentrations that yield future growth returns from Sporting Venue Master Planning. The integration of critical Asset Valuation with Future Directions realized by astute Asset Master Planning ensures recognition of future potentials. These development insights can provide investors and buyers insights of return on investment via future asset development opportunities. GSA brings unique Valuation and Master Planning expertise together tailored to the Sporting Venue!

What We Offer

As a result of their analysis of the functioning of this market segment, the GSA staff have joined together to offer sporting property owners a comprehensive service package in preparing their asset for sale and marketing it to prospective buyers. They combine decades of experience in traditional investment banking and marketing, along with an extensive practical knowledge of various types of angling and hunting. This allows them to perform the critical due diligence necessary to analyze the business properly. Then, using proprietary valuation techniques established specifically for this market segment, they are in a position to provide a prospective valuation analysis to a seller. Once the seller understands how operational elements, and future directions planning affect valuation, they may wish to use the firm as consultants to enhance the valuation of their asset prior to going to market. This may take the form of pure operational adjustments or the possibility of raising capital to complete planned for physical enhancements to the sporting facility or to acquire other incremental assets. Finally, when the time to market the asset has arrived, GSA staff will put together a comprehensive marketing package, which presents the business, the assets and the valuation and Master Planning methodology in precise detail.

An Extensive Knowledge of Buyers

Preparing the asset and the marketing materials properly represents only part of a successful sale process. Where other firms might be learning how to value or position "on-the-job", and who the prospective buyers might be based upon a mass mailing, we use our skill set and contact database to optimize the process in the seller's favor.

Without a detailed and current knowledge of the prospective buyer universe, even the best advance preparation may not result in a consummated transaction. Unlike with many smaller properties, knowledge of strategic and corporate buyers as well as individuals becomes important when marketing an operation that functions on a going concern basis. In the course of their years of experience, GSA staff have amassed a database of prospective buyers with interests in a variety of property sizes and types. This allows them to rapidly target the most likely buyers and to gain rapid feedback and indications of interest while the property remains fresh on the market. Utilizing the Internet as a marketing tool, prospective buyers can access the marketing materials and supporting documents and property photos quickly and ascertain whether an in-person visit would be warranted. All of this serves to keep the sale process moving forward at a good pace.