Global Sporting Advisors

Global Sporting Advisors, LLC provides its clients with a an approach to the purchase, or sale of a sporting business that is much more comprehensive than the traditional real estate approach involving advertising, the development of marketing brochures and comparable sales. In essence we believe that each transaction involves both real assets and an operating business and that both are important in justifying a price.

Preparation Of Buyers

First and foremost we seek to adequately prepare buyers for their potential purchase and sellers for the eventual sale of their business. This means GSA staff must understand every aspect of the business and the resources on which it is based and therefore we conduct extensive due diligence not only on the property but on the operating economics, the market, competition, sporting activities, positioning, reputation and brand name. This will allow us to prepare a detailed, extensive sales memorandum that emphasizes the investment merits, provides a detailed disclosure of property, assets and business information. Then, in the case of a sales assignment, GSA markets to a proprietary database of known buyers, and also assists in the complex transaction negotiations. With purchase assignments, our approach educates the buyers and allows them to make an educated offer based on a real analytical approach.

Professionalizing The Purchase Or Sales Process

The result of GSA's approach is that it professionalizes the purchase or sales process of sporting businesses. It achieves much better results because it covers every facet of the purchase or sale process. Buyers and sellers have an experienced advisor available to them at a critical time. And because the physical and operating assets are prepared before the sale we can attain a purchase or sale price that better reflects the value of the property AND the business. Because we focus on what buyers want and need we can find the right new owner and structure the best transaction for both buyer and seller. We also manage ownership transition issues between a buyer and seller thereby helping to preserve and enhance the business brand and set the stage for future business growth and success under the new owner.

Purchase Or Sale Process - How We Work


Initial Due Diligence and Assessment

Valuation Approach

Information Memorandum

Buyer Universe