Global Sporting Advisors

Utilizing the more than 30 years experience of Jeffrey P. Williamson, MAI, in appraising special use and sporting properties worldwide, GSA's appraisal division is exacting in its approach of matching client properties with true comparables in stand alone assignments.

The value of real estate associated with a sporting business, whether owned in fee simple, or leased, is an important but not the only determining element in the overall business valuation overall. Current habitat can be appraised on an "as is" basis and a cost/ benefit analysis prepared to compare a resource's potential worth based on habitat improvement, or stream enhancement.

Quality of the Resource

The quality of the resource base also comes heavily into play in appraising a property including its privacy, uniqueness, reputation, productivity, existing covenants, easements, commercial production (e.g. timber, crops) and other intangibles. When these items and others are considered collectively, realistic values begin to emerge. In some assignments it may lead to actual feasibility studies of certain projects or highest and best use analysis. This holistic perspective, which Jeff and our staff employ, is unique to GSA and global in its scope. Of particular importance in the consideration of offshore businesses is the policy of foreign governments towards ownership of businesses by non- national persons, or entities.

Samples of outdoor recreational tracts that have been appraised include: upland, waterfowl and estuarine habitats, big game habitat, tail water fisheries, freestone streams and spring creeks, cold and warm water lakes and ponds, coastal and barrier islands and beachfronts.