Global Sporting Advisors

Oftentimes, owners and operators of sporting businesses have developed excellent services, a unique sporting experience and have excellent locations but aren't able to produce the consistent revenues, or revenue growth they need to match their capacity. This reduces income and the produces nagging question "what are we doing wrong". The worst thing possible is to discount this predicament and rationalize that the " business" is really all about lifestyle, not profitability. That is patently untrue, especially if you want to stay in business!

At the same time, a potential or new buyer of a sporting business may need a revitalized marketing and public relations plan and the actual implementation of it to realize the benefits of a new business model, new services, packages, staff, resources, awards, etc.

And even sellers should be able to professionally portray what their marketing and public relations efforts have been, or what they should be - with additional capital - to attract buyers of their businesses.

Positioning, Strategy And Tactics

Global Sporting Advisors intimate knowledge of the gunning and angling customer bases -- their needs and desires in specific sporting activities will be translated in effective marketing and public relations strategies that will establish and implement a specific operation's positioning, strategy and tactics to convince a targeted customer base to enjoy your specific experience. Ed Belak and Rob Bolton have over 30 years combined experience in developing and implementing effective marketing strategies and public relations for small and medium sized recreationally oriented companies throughout the world. These successful programs are multi-media (print on line and broadcast) and may involve, depending on the analysis conducted for each client, multi-discipline techniques, involving marketing, advertising, public relations, corporate communications, image enhancement, issues management and more. The fact is, they are well-designed using proven techniques and involve the client and their approval along every step of the way.

Focus On Differentiation

Now that every operation is claiming unparalleled fishing/shooting, fantastic cuisine, the ultimate cigar lounge, a world-class wine cellar, gorgeous scenery, spas and even total travel arrangements -- you have to differentiate your operation, or become "one of", or worse, lost. In short, the best endorser of your operation is your own effort to separate and differentiate yourself from the competition. And you don't do that by attending more trade shows and placing more ads in the publications in which everyone else is advertising and re-designing your web site for the 5th time, or being endorsed by the same group that is promoting everyone.

Marketing (including advertising) and public relations should be creative conduits for messages about the experience enjoyed at a sporting operation. Global Sporting Advisors' approach is to ensure that these messages can be accurately and effectively conveyed to the right audiences. We match anticipation to the real experience to create a repeat customer base and one that actually works for you through word of mouth referrals. This is based on the operation having the right business model, including pricing, and key service elements, which Global Sporting Advisors is uniquely equipped to develop with you.