Global Sporting Advisors

Too often, we find that in the outdoor recreation space not enough attention is paid to the financial and business aspects of what really are businesses! Lifestyle considerations driven by resource considerations dominate outfitting, lodge or club operations and usually overshadow business planning and related financial modeling.

Maximizing The Potential Return

GSA's business planning and financial services utilize the combined experience of senior staff to assist operators, sellers and new buyers understand and utilize the relationship between fixed and variable costs, pricing and cash flow. This allows individual operators, syndicates or corporate clients to maximize the potential return of their sporting business through the development of the most appropriate business model and a comprehensive business plan.

Consultative and Analytical Services

These consultative and analytical services are typically employed along with broader based advisory services, but on occasion are used surgically to understand why a business model isn't working as well as it should and what can be done to fix it. The scope of our analysis might also include a review of the businesses' capital structure and recommendations for restructuring, seeking various types of financing, or additional equity participation. This is particularly true where recommendations to improve infrastructure or resource bases are necessary to boost the return from a business to where it should be. In essence we have a broad enough and detailed enough perspective of the business issues - backed up with an understanding of angling and gunning businesses - to analyze and improve any situation.

Clearly, for buyers, the utilization of cash flow analysis and the development of pro-forma based budgets can bring new dimensions in considering the acquisition of a sporting lodge, club or private retreat. These tools can fine - tune an offer price, determine future business potential or offer eye - opening perspective to an existing operation.